Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Dreaded "First Post"

So, here we are, my very first entry to this. I've not been one to write masses upon masses about anything on blogs but I'll give this a go. I did manage to propel myself enough, in a two hour lecture almost two weeks ago, to conduct the writing of a one-hundred-and-fifty word manifesto in the name of Graphic Design, and what it means to me. That, I have to say, did not go well. Hopefully, this will.
Almost halfway through my first semester at university, I'm finding myself struggling to be inspired by pretty much anything. It's hard when you're living in an apartment, which by the looks of it, should be owned by a homeless person (and that's saying something!). It may just be because I have not settled in, or the fact I'm not working as much as I had been at college, due to the lack of timetabled sessions. Either way, as of tomorrow I am going to attempt to spend most of my day doing creative things: drawing, painting, writing and playing guitar...anything to urge the left side of my brain to get into action!
I am going to leave that there for now, it's getting late and I want to start early on my illustrations tomorrow. Goodnight.

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