Monday, 10 November 2008

A Big Disappointment

In the whole entirety of my 18 years and 11 months on this planet, I have never felt so disappointed with the way something has gone. I genuinely have this sense of overwhelming insecurity about how my tutors at college are going to react to my work. I do not think I did well at all, and I'm not happy about how my illustrations have turned out. Time Management is a major factor of why I'm less than happy about this project, and is most certainly something I need to focus on improving.
Onto happier things, I'm seriously considering moving to Edinburgh next year. I miss the college atmosphere that I felt while I was at CCAD and apparently it's very similar. I just think that it may suit me better.

I will update this later, as I really don't feel in the mood with this stupid stomach ache!

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Sarah-Jayne Todd said...

Will you please put some bloody work up! HA