Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Updates Galore!

Wow, I should really keep on top of everything shouldn't I. I have managed to get lazy! Although I am now in a sort of productive mood and not spending all of my time sat in front of my computer screen.
I have begun to draw portraits again, actually no, not just portraits. I've begun to draw, period. I'm enjoying it too. I'm still not enjoying uni, but I have another week and a half off due to Assessment and Exams and such, so I'm taking this time to be productive with stuff I may need to transfer to ECA like updating my portfolio, and while I remember, I need to email my college tutor for a new reference!
Speaking of new things, I am getting my half sleeve done next month! I actually CANNOT WAIT! I'm so stoked.
Anyway, that is about all, I'll fill in more details when I'm not busy drawing ;) Haha.

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